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Biological Odour Control for wheelie bins

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One of the problems with large wheelie bins used for waste storage is that organic deposits build up and these give rise to bad odours. From time to time the bins are washed to remove the organic deposits. However in many cases the odours are not removed so the bin may look clean but not smell clean. There are a number of different types of systems used to wash the bins and BioFuture have worked with all of these to apply a natural microbial product to treat the odour at source. The use of the BFL Odour Clean product has proven very successful in dealing with odours from bins and can easily be used with different bin cleaning systems. The activity of the microbes means that the odour is removed by degrading the rotting organic material. This is in contrast to the current situation where masking agents are used to cover up or mask the bad odour. Attacking the source of the odour is more sustainable than masking it.

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