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Bioprocessing & Biopartnering 2006 - Featuring NanoBiotechnology


Many people regard nanotechnology as a ‘standalone’ technology. While the technology itself is of great interest, the most intriguing aspect of nanotechnology is that it is increasingly being utilised as an integral part of a more complicated convergence matrix. The intersection of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, and cognitive science, otherwise referred to as ‘NBIC convergence’, is leading to the development of nanobiotechnology products that promise to change radically the provision of healthcare in the decades ahead.

Nanotechnologies Overview

Nanotechnology refers broadly to the study and use of materials and structures at the nanoscale level of approximately 100 nanometres (nm) or less. The width of a nanometre is often compared to that of a human hair. One nanometre is 1/800th of a human hair, or 1/70th the diameter of a red blood cell.

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