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Bioprospecting: lessons from benefit-sharing experiences

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Biodiversity prospecting, or bioprospecting, is the exploration of biodiversity for commercially valuable genetic and biochemical resources. The Convention on Biological Diversity recognises the sovereignty of nations over their bioresources and their rights to share in the benefits that accrue from commercialised bioproducts. Since the Convention was introduced in 1992, many biodiversity prospecting arrangements throughout the world have progressed with varying degrees of success. This paper looks at how benefits from bioprospecting have been shared among the stakeholders in the arrangements. It briefly describes lessons learned from three case studies on different continents and among various stakeholders and commercial interests.

Keywords: anthropology, arogyapacha, biochemistry, biodiversity, bioproducts, bioprospecting, biotechnology, Convention on Biological Diversity, cultural diversity, dietary supplements, drug discovery, ethnobotany, genetic resources, medicine, pharmaceuticals, phytomedicine, sustainable development, technology transfer, tropical forests, trust funds

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