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Bioremediation applied to high pH contaminated soil washing slurry


BioFuture Ltd. in conjunction with General Smontaggi SpA have used applied environmental engineering and bioaugmentation to remediate hydrocarbon contaminated soil washing slurry. The soil washing slurry had been treated using lime to dry and stabilise it for transport to special landfill for disposal.

The starting pH was 12.55 and it was successfully bioremediated so that it could be used as a resource rather than a waste. The treated soil was suitable for reuse within the site and thus significant reductions in carbon footprint were achieved since the material didn't have to be transported off site.

By the use of on site activation units coupled with the use of specialised windrow turning equipment it was possible to achieve good mixing and speed up the biodegradation process considerably. The cleanup target of <750mg/kg soil was achieved in 16 days.

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