Bioremediation of chlorinated phenols with INTEROX® case study


Courtesy of Solvay

The mass balance enabed the evaluation of the individual contribution of the flushing and the biodegradation processes to the global remediation.

Initially, flushing was the main process of remediation. After the deveopment of in situ conditions favorab e for the aerobic biodegradation, the main process of contamination remova is bioremediation contributing for 71% to the global contaminant removal.

The injection in the aquifer of a diluted soution of NTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide proved to be efficient to control the dissoved oxygen concentration and consequenty to stimuale the activity of the indigenous aerobic microbia popuation.
The remedial strategy developed during the pilot test has been scaed up to the entire contaminated area (lha, 79000m ).

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