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Bioremediation of fuel oil spill at a coastal naval air station in the united kingdom


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Approximately 1000 gallons of fuel oil had seeped from broken storage tank lines into the soil matrix beneath a boiler house. Oil was subsequently forced from beneath the boiler building by periodic heavy rainfall. The fuel oil migrated down a slope into a farmer's field causing extensive damage to the vegetation and grazing area inhabited by sheep.


An MBR mobile bioreactor was located on site and seeded using MICROBAC PH adapted bacterial cultures. Groundwater leached from the contaminated land was collected and recirculated through the bioreactor via a spray field. The biomass firstly colonised and acclimatised in the bioreactor and then was passed through to the soil matrix via the spray field. The biomass was brought into contact with the fuel oil, enabling the biomass to utilise it as a food source, thus removing it from the soil.


Within 90 days, all visual traces of the oil had disappeared from the surface of the soil. THC results showed only trace amounts (less than 1 ppm) to be present at the monitoring and sampling areas. The previously oil soaked vegetation was now in a healthy condition, notably greener and lusher than before the spill occurred.

The land was returned to grazing conditions within 100 days of the spill being reported. The local farmer, who owned the field, commented that the sheep now preferred to graze on the grass due to the greener and lusher vegetation.

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