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Sensara, SL

BioSense a Biofilm Monitor and Controller


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Biofilms (slime) can form on virtually every nonshedding surface, in a nonsterile aqueous environment i.e. anywhere where a water source is present; such as cooling/heating systems, swimming areas and in drinking water purification. These Biofilms can cause a myriad of problems including; harbouring harmful bacteria such as Legionella, inducing corrosion, and reducing heat transfer. This article reports the availability of a new, affordable biofilm monitoring instrument that can detect the early formation of a biofilm growth in a water system and therefore be used in the fight against biofilm formation.

The BioSense biofilm (slime) monitoring sensors are a proven technology, that monitor a water system and provide an alarm when conditions allow for the growth of a biofilm. A biofilm grows preferentially on the BioSense sensor encouraged by electrical stimulation. The biofilm can then be detected, and corrective action can be taken to kill and remove it. The BioSense can be used to automatically instigate, or change a chemical dosing regimen, as well as alerting operators to take the appropriate remedial action. The BioSense is inexpensive, easy to maintain/operate and can be an essential tool in monitoring the efficiency of biocide dosing regimes in many applications; including cooling towers, hospitals, large leisure facilities, swimming pools and spas.

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