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Biosoil Project for the Sustainable Management of Brownfields




INKOA SISTEMAS, a company specialised in supplying integral solutions for sustainable development, leads the BIOSOIL ENV/ES/000263 project, whose main objective is to demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of Compost Bioremediation technology for the remediation of polluted soils in order to promote a sustainable urban planning of derelict polluted sites, and facilitate the integration

of new socio-economic activities.


This new technology, which is based on the stimulation of biodegradation processes of organic pollutants by means of the addition of a compost specifically designed for each polluted soil, allows to have an innovative, effective, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for the remediation of polluted soils.


The technology allows the economic, social and environmental development of many cities with brownfields, promoting the integration of environmental considerations within the urban planning and contributing to the development of local and national policies that promote sustainable urban planning in the European Union.


The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the framework of LIFE Environment Programme, whose specific objective is to contribute to the development of innovative methods and technologies for environment protection through the co-funding of demonstration projects.



Brownfield, compost, bioremediation, mineral oil, sustainability

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