Biosolids Recycling: An Assessment of Public Perception and Knowledge

A descriptive-correlational study was conducted in a four county metropolitan area in the southeast United States (U.S.) to determine attitudes and knowledge about biosolids recycling. Eight biosolids land application site options (farmlands, grazing lands, public parks, highway medians, home gardens, lawns, forest lands, and use as mulch after composting) were assessed by each of the 303 participants. Data were evaluated with respect to population demographics (gender, age, education level, and household income). Results indicated that participants responded favorably to all options presented, except those 65 years of age and older. This cohort felt significantly less favorable towards five of the options than did other age groups. No significant difference was found between females and males concerning biosolids recycling nor was education statistically associated with attitudes. General knowledge about biosolids recycling was poor. Those with lower incomes, less education, and advanced age had significantly less knowledge of biosolids than younger, more educated, higher income individuals.

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