Biostyr package plant, Newham WwTW South West Water


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The Client
South West Water Ltd is 100% owned by the Pennon Group plc, who's other main interest is Viridor Waste Management Ltd.

South West Water Ltd are the 9th largest water company in England / Wales and they are responsible for an area in the south west of the UK, which includes the whole of the Cornwall and Devon.

Area served: 10,800km2
Population served: 1.5m

Newham WwTW is located in Truro (Cornwall) on a peninsula of the Truro River into which the treated and storm flows discharge by gravity. The Truro River is a tributary of the Falmouth estuary.

The resident PE is 25000.

VWS Solution
The Biostyr® is a highly compact process, which in a single structure allows for the biodegradation of all carbonaceous and nitrogenous pollution together with clarification of the effluent by filtration through the compact buoyant Biostyrene® media bed. Through the introduction of process air or an external carbon source at the base of each unit the media bed sustains the ideal environment for biological activity. The package plant takes the design one step further, in that the pre-fabricated units enable both construction costs and project duration (design and construction) to be reduced significantly for small treatment works, also due to its compact size and reduced footprint the package Biostyr can be integrated into existing process streams with minimal disruption. Through its modular design the package plant also has the ability to be easily extended at future dates if required.

The contract scope included:

  • Biostyr feed pumps
  • Biostyr package plant
  • Methanol reception, storage and dosing plant
  • Biostyr and methanol plant PLC and MCC panels
  • Full mechanical and EICA installation
  • Process commissioning

The package plant was used not only due to available space and to reduce the overall project costs, but also the programme through the process units being pre-fabricated and tested off-site prior to installation on to the pre-cast base slabs.

The key factor governing the project execution is the constraint imposed by the contract programme, with the over-riding imperative to ensure that the plant is operationally compliant to the consent standard for 1st January 2007.

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