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The Client
United Utilities (UU) are the 2nd largest water company in England/Wales. They are responsible for an area in the north west of the UK, which includes major cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

Wigan WwTW is located north west of Manchester near Parbold in Lancashire. As part of the AMP4 strategy Wigan underwent an overall redevelopment and upgrade including the sludge treatment, storm retention and tertiary nitrification.

The Client's Need
As part of the overall redevelopment and upgrading of the existing Wigan Wastewater Treatment Works, VWS secured the final phase of the works for the supply of a new tertiary nitrification Biostyr BAFF plant. VWS were sub-contracted by the GCA (Galliford Costain Atkins) joint venture who are one of the first tier framework delivery partners for United Utilities and responsible for the UU southern region.

VWS Solution
The Biostyr plant is constructed at ground level with an open technical gallery to allow easy maintenance and removal of the equipment. The plant itself comprises 10 cells of 84m2.

The Biostyr plant comprises 10 No. 84m2 concrete Biostyr cells for tertiary nitrification (ammonia removal). The plant treats a maximum flow rate of 174MLD with 95% ile spot sample treated water outlet consent of 3mg/l ammonia, 15mg/l BOD and 45mg/l TSS.

Our scope of works includes all the M&E equipment for the Biostyr plant including the MCC/PLC and full mechanical and electrical installation.

Description of Biostyr Process Plant

Influent Criteria:
Ave 95%ile
BOD 17.5 29.6 mg/l
TSS 17.4 39 mg/l
Ammonia 4 7.5 mg/l

Treated Effluent Consents: (95%ile spot samples)
BOD 15 mg/l
TSS 45 mg/l
Ammonia 3 mg/l

Flow Data:
DWF flow: 840 l/sec
Average flow: 1147 l/sec
Maximum flow: 2091 l/sec

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