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Biotechnology finds its way to Hong Kong


Up until the beginning of this decade, biotechnology has virtually been non-existent in Hong Kong. By utilising all the favourable advantages available, a new era with emphasis on biotechnology was initiated. Vigorous promotion from the universities coupled with a positive response from the government has finally enabled biotechnology to find its way to Hong Kong. Currently, the local biotechnology industry is essentially pharmaceutical-based. For future developments, the authors see great potential in Traditional Chinese Medicine, drug delivery and genomics. This view is in line with the recommendations from the Made By Hong Kong Study and the Biotechnology Focus Study. With the strengthening of the mid-stream research infrastructure, development of a more active and aggressive policy towards science and technology, and the return of Hong Kong to China, a surge in biotechnology development in Hong Kong is expected.

Keywords: biotechnology, Hong Kong, Industry and Technology Council, The Hong Kong University of Science &, Technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), genomics, drug delivery, R&, D policy

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