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Biotechnology of hydrocarbon bioremediation in soil washing slurry


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Application of Bioremediation for low cost contaminated soil washing slurry treatment with quick hydrocarbon reduction and improved sustainability. The application uses proprietary microbial formulation with a slurry bioreactor in order to accelerate the degradation process and to make it compatible with soil washing technology. The end result is a treated soil which meets the requirements for use for industrial purposes. This results in diversion from landfill and makes the treated soil a resource rather than a waste material.

During the process of soil washing for cleanup of hydrocarbon contaminated soil one of the major problems is disposing of the contaminated slurry. The final slurry is composed of soil fines in which the hydrocarbons become concentrated. This hydrocarbon contaminated slurry needs to be treated before disposal in landfills. BioFuture Ltd. produces and markets a wide range of microbial products for wastewater treatment and bioremediation in the global market. In this case the product selected, BFL 6000HC, is used for bioremediation in land farming and soil banking applications.

The product is formulated using a specially selected blend of natural microbial strains with high degradative capability for hydrocarbons. These strains produce the wide range of enzymes needed to degrade hydrocarbons. In addition they have the ability to produce biosurfactants which help to emulsify the oil and make it easier to degrade. Stringent checks are conducted throughout the production process to ensure the quality of the product.

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