Biowaste collection in residential areas with dense population


Because of legal regulations in Germany the biological treatment of organic residues is becoming more and more important. Following the regulations of the Waste Avoidance, Recycling and Disposal Act (KrW-/AbfG) and the TASi (Technical Data Sheet of Urban Wastes) biowaste has to be collected and treated separately. The waste management objective of the separate collection and biological treatment of biowastes is to recycle the reusable organic wastes in the form of compost. The introduction of separate collection of valuable matter in areas with a high building density is basically more difficult than in rural areas. Experiences show that a smaller collection quota and a higher amount of impurities (matter that does not belong into biowaste) in the separately collected waste fraction can be expected.

Two investigations currently underway, are presented in the following each dealing with biowaste collection in dense residential areas.

During a project sponsored by the Federal German Foundation of Environment investigations are carried out regarding the determination of effective and realisable measures for the minimisation of impurities and the increase of the collection quota of biowastes especially in densely populated areas. Social measures such as consultancy and waste management advices (e.g. use of degradable bags for biowaste collection, changes of locations of collection bins) are tested. The effects of waste container lockers are momentarily investigated by the Laboratory for Waste Management, Waste Water Management and Environmental Chemistry of the University of Applied Sciences, Münster, Germany, in a project sponsored by the BMBF together with the municipality of Münster. These waste container lockers are lately used in a wider range, thus creating a household related tariff invoice and therewith creating an incentive for separate collection of wastes in densely populated areas similar to areas with one- and two-family houses.

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