Bird-Off Gel now available in economical 5-gallon pails


Courtesy of Bird Barrier

Bird Barrier’s Bird-Off Gel already has significant advantages in the marketplace:

  • It is made from all natural ingredients (no polybutene), and it won’t turn black over time
  • It contains white pepper, so when birds land on it, it sends a reinforcing message not to return
  • It is easy to cleanup; in most cases just soap and water is all that is necessary

But the 10 oz. tubes are not efficient for large jobs. That’s why Bird Barrier is offering the popular Gel in a 5-gallon pail, and a clever system that allows the installer to refill a reusable 24 oz. caulking gun.

Refilling the caulking gun with the follow-plate is a very simple process:

  • Make sure the plunger is all the way down at the end of the gun
  • Unscrew the cap at the end of the gun
  • Remove the top from the 5-gallon pail
  • Set the follow-plate into the open pail
  • Press the open end of the caulking gun over the metal tube on the follow-plate (be sure to hold the gun straight)
  • Apply downward pressure, and draw the plunger slowly upwards
  • As the plunger is pulled up, it will draw the gel into the large opening and quickly fill the gun

Not only is it a much faster process, it also is far less expensive.

Bird Barrier offers the caulking gun and the follow plate.

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