Birds Check Out of University Library Thanks to StealthNet


Courtesy of Bird Barrier

The University of Texas at Austin’s Perry-Castañeda Library building is a marvel of mid-century institutional design. The monolithic limestone structure is peppered with ordered rows of recessed windows that allow sweeping views of the campus while blocking direct sunlight, reducing summer cooling costs in the massive building. These window recesses, however, provided perfect little apartments for the campus’s resident pigeon flock. Naturally, the school administration worried that the health of the students and of the building might be at risk, so they contacted Town Lake Construction to provide a comprehensive bird abatement solution.

Brittany Cason and her team at Town Lake opted for Bird Barrier’s StealthNet exclusion netting as it was the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution to the building’s nesting problem. Each window bay was carefully sealed-off using an individual section of StealthNet. The StealthNet’s black color blends in flawlessly with the dark recesses of the window bays while the high-contrast background and relative distance render the net virtually invisible from the inside.

“During our final walk through of this project, we saw a couple of pigeons try, unsuccessfully, to reenter the bay areas,” Cason said via email. The StealthNet has provided a completely pigeon-free building while maintaining the pristine look and clean lines that the architect intended.

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