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Birth of an AccuMax


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Head of the AccuMax Family

In 2015, we released the AccuMax dispenser as the first in a “family” of dispensers. Our goal is to create a line of innovative, user-friendly dispensers built around real feedback from our customers. So, while we may call the AccuMax our “standard” dispenser, there is really nothing standard about it. It was born, so to speak, from feedback you have given us on our AccuPro, AccuDose, and MultiFlex dispensers.
Some features that were included thanks to customer feedback are:

  • Easy locking buttons based on our MultiFlex dispenser
  • Durable side tabs like those on our AccuDose dispenser
  • AccuPro pressure regulation technology
  • Expansive space for easy maintenance and tubing
  • Four versatile models including a 1 button, 2 button, Select Plus, and Dual Select

We are proud to have the AccuMax dispenser as the head of the AccuMax family because of its versatility. It is great for kitchens, janitors’ closets, and most other applications you can think of.

A Growing Family

We have now released the new AccuMax 4P. AccuMax 4P is the second dispenser in the AccuMax family. It is molded to house 4 chemicals with buttons for both low flow bottle activation and high flow bucket activation. The four product cabinet takes up less space than a separate dispenser and chemicals model. Like its relative, the AccuMax, the 4P took notes from the MultiFlex including easy locking buttons and lockable enclosures to protect your chemicals.

The all-in-one system has the quickest installation and setup time in the industry. It has an intuitive, user friendly design that users will appreciate. Other options and accessories can be added to your 4P as needed to fit your application.

  • Fits most 2-3 liter bottles
  • Rite-Connect closed-loop system compatible
  • 1-5 GPM flow rate options
  • AirGap and E-Gap options to satisfy regulatory standards
  • High-quality dispenser stands up to daily wear and tear

Family Traits

Our goal for the AccuMax family is that it grows into a line of dispensers known for being innovative, user friendly, and high quality. However, there are a couple of specific traits we believe are worth pointing out.

AccuPro Technology:

Both the AccuMax and the AccuMax 4P include AccuPro Technology. Systems using AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology eliminate dilution variance by controlling the water pressure into the unit, never allowing the dilution to “lean out” the desired dilution target. AccuPro Pressure Regulation Technology consistently dilutes chemicals, regardless of fluctuating water pressure.

Accurate dispensing means the proper amount of chemical is always being used. This leads to more effective cleaning and safer facilities. Whether you are a chemical supplier or facility maintenance manager, AccuPro Technology Dispensers can help to increase your bottom line. While we may eventually incorporate a new technology into the AccuMax family, AccuPro Technology will continue to be a cornerstone of the line.

Branding Space:

We are including ample opportunities to brand and customize the AccuMax Family. Both dispensers can be made with corporate branded labels, colored buttons, or, in the case of the 4P, colored enclosures and face plates. To understand all of your options, contact your Hydro Sales Representative or our customer service at 513.271.8800.

Next Branch on the Family Tree

So far, we have created a standard AccuMax dispenser and the AccuMax 4P four product dispenser. Both were created with your feedback in mind. What do you think should be next? Let us know!

Next AccuMax Product

What should our next AccuMax dispenser be?

  • Mobile
  • QDV
  • Three Button
  • Disposable
  • Automated with data reporting technology

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