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Black Box for Electrical Machines



This article describes a specific monitoring system for electrical machines, called black box for electrical machines (Electrical Machines Black Box, EMBB). 

Detailed analysis about problems of harmful working conditions that can occur on all electrical machines has been made. Based on these data and on measurement and control of various parameters such as voltage, current, temperature, vibration, black box detects and records the following harmful working conditions: asynchronous operation, incorrect synchronisation, significant asymmetry, two-phase operation, run-out (over-sped), overloading, excessive heating of stator iron and/or stator winding, excessive vibrations of the generator housing. In addition to these harmful working conditions, EMBB system records the number of machine starts, which also represents vital information that significantly affects the machine lifetime. 

EMBB system is realised as a combination of measurement sensors, programmable processing unit associated with measuring modules and application program that manages the process unit. EMBB modular type design enables additional system extensions.

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