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Black powder removal

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Black powder generally consists of various forms of iron sulfide or iron oxide, and is included with the other unwanted constituents such as water, liquid hydrocarbons and sand in natural gas and fluid transmission delivery systems. The ferrous contaminate, ranging from 10 microns to sub-micron sizes (finer than talcum powder), is created by the internal erosion/corrosion of the carbon steel used in pipelines, storage reservoirs and operating equipment.

It is found in both dry and wet gas. Under dry conditions, it is a very fine black or brown powder, and under wet conditions it appears as a tar-like substance.

“Black powder causes many operational problems,” said Roger Simonson, president of One Eye Industries
Inc. (OEI) in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

“It negatively affects operating equipment and impairs pipeline performance. It also has a detrimental effect
on the quality of the product passing through the line. Many individuals believe that since new product is delivered in a closed pipeline, it is contaminant free. This is not the case.

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