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Black river cheese case study


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A Wastewater Treatment solution was implemented at the Black River Cheese Company in Milford, Ontario to deal with their wash water. This Case Study explains the problem and innovative solution that was implemented.
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The historic Black River Cheese Company (“BRC”) is located in picturesque Prince Edward County, Ontario. It was started in 1901 by local farmers and is still a small production facility dedicated to preserving a tradition of making superior cheese. For more information go to

The waste-water which originates from cheese and dairy making processes has a high organic loading and contains both suspended and dissolved solids in the form of whey and salts. These characteristics represent a significant challenge to any treatment system.

Simpson conducted pilot testing and examined a number of technology options before recommending a treatment solution based on electro-coagulation (“EC”), membranes, a dewatering screw press and ozone.

The final treated effluent results met all design and regulatory objectives for BRC with CBOD reduced from 8000 ppm to

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