Blairlinnans WTW, Scottish Water, 91 MLD


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The Client
Scottish Water is the UK's fourth largest water utility. They are responsible for the whole of Scotland and islands around the Scottish coast, including the major cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The Client's Needs
Scottish Water required a new water treatment works in the Glasgow area to meet revised water quality standards, particularly with regard to colour and THM's. The site was constructed adjacent to an existing site.

VWS Solution
A new works was constructed adjacent to the existing site to meet revised water quality standards, particularly with regard to colour and THMs.

VWS designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the new site, including filtration, aluminium, polyelectrolyte, lime and orthophosphoric acid dosing together with chlorination of the final water. Also within the plant scope was a new sludge handling plant comprising two presses, sludge thickening and storage.

Following alum dosing and pH adjustment, the works was split into two independent 50% streams, each comprising 5no. rapid gravity, dual media (sand/anthracite) filters, rated at 3m/h. Washwater is recovered, after settlement, and returned to the head of the works. The works also incorporate a rinse system, whereby, prior to returning to service, the filtered water immediately following a backwash, is directed to a holding tank, to prevent turbidity spikes in the treated water. Chlorination, pH correction and phosphoric acid, for plumbosolvency control, is carried out prior to storage in on-site reservoirs.

Sludge from settlement of the backwash water is thickened, and dewatered in membrane filter presses.

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