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Bleach Plant Process Pipe - Case Study


Courtesy of Fibrex Corporation


Client: Major northern U.S. pulp & paper company

General Scope: Fibrex manufactured all 2” through 24” diameter FRP process pipe for the client’s new bleach plant.

Engineering/Procurement: SIMONS ENGINEERING, INC – Atlanta, Georgia

Resin & Laminate Construction: Hetron 922 and Hetron 980 were both used according to chemical service. Pipe was filament wound and utilized a 200 mil thick corrosion barrier.

Production Facts:

  • Manufactured almost 3000 ft. of 2”-24” diameter pipe.
  • Manufactured over 500 elbows, flanges & reducers.
  • Assembled over 250 pipe spools.

Special Project Notes: Because engineering was not yet complete when FRP vendor was to be selected, project was awarded on the basis of unit prices. FRP specifications and laminate construction details were provided by Fiberglass Structural Engineering. This information was incorporated into spool drawings made by Fibrex in accordance with Simons Engineering isometric drawings. Unit prices were then applied to spool drawings as each load was shipped as a basis for invoicing. A traveler system of parts identification was used to insure that components made with each resin system were routed to the correct spool assembly area.

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