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In today’s business environment it is vital to install effective risk management strategies. The manual and automatic Doorway Spill Barriers, Water Barriers, Stormwater Drain Covers and Flood Protection Systems BLOBEL manufactures, respond to this need. BLOBEL Spill Barrier and Flood Control Systems have a wide range of application. The Containment Systems can be used for Spill Control, Sprinkler Water Containment, Containment of Contaminated Fire Fighting Water and Flood Protection.
BLOBEL Environmental Engineering is a German company which has been operating throughout Europe for over 13 years. In early 2001, BLOBEL established its’ regional headquarters in Sydney, Australia to serve the Asia Pacific region and North America. Throughout Europe, USA and some parts of Asia, the use of manual and automatic Spill Barriers to contain Spillages, Sprinkler Water run-off and Contaminated Fire Fighting Water within facilities is now widely accepted or standard. BLOBEL Spill Barrier Systems make it relatively easy to upgrade and retrofit existing facilities like storage areas, warehouses and production facilities. Within Europe, Asia and the USA, Spill Barrier Systems are now also being included at the design stage.

Generally, BLOBEL Spill Barriers can be integrated in any Bund or installed in front of a door, drive through or other opening to be sealed. Manual systems are closed in the event of an emergency by trained personnel or this practice is included in the daily operational procedures such as Barriers may be opened and closed on a daily basis. Automatic Containment Barrier Systems however operate completely independently. The Spill Barrier System, such as the BL/BED-PM, can be connected to and triggered by any hazard detection system such as fire alarms, smoke detectors, liquid detectors or flow meters. Alternatively, the Spill Barrier can also be closed at the push of a button. To ensure maximum safety for personnel and environment, the Containment Barrier is fitted with an acoustic and visual warning signal and the closing speed can be adjusted. German authorities and insurers allow for a minimum closing time of 20 seconds and a maximum of 60 seconds.

Implementing BLOBEL Spill Barriers allows an organisation to contain Spillages, Sprinkler Water run-off and contaminated fire fighting water within the facility. It further allows for division within the facility, keeping contaminants e.g. Hydrocarbons or other chemicals, in a particular section. This is especially beneficial when a warehouse is located next to a production facility. Should a fire or spill occur, the entry and exit points to the production facility will be sealed. This protects manufacturing equipment from being contaminated or damaged and the organisation may return to production sooner.
BLOBEL’s sealing technology is at the cutting edge, using a unique flame-retardant material (according to DIN 4102-B1) which is highly compressible, flexible and chemical resistant. Seals are attached to the lower side and end faces of the barrier body. This enables sealing of crack free surfaces with up to 20 mm (± 10 mm) of floor/ground unevenness. Concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles and stones are handled with ease. Usually, modifications to the floor are unnecessary. This is a key advantage for bunded areas, warehouses and production facilities which require frequent access by personnel or forklifts, as no Rollover Bunds or Ramps are required. This significantly increases safety and provides a smoother day to day operation.
BLOBEL Spill Barriers and Flood Barriers are currently used in the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Venezuela, Taiwan, Indonesia, China, USA and Australia. The Barriers are design-tested and certified by LGA, Material Testing Institute Bavaria Germany, and have past praxis orientated fire testing with the IDF Germany. BLOBEL has a wide range of Spill Barriers and Flood Barriers and can accommodate multiple requirements to protect your private and commercial assets.
BLOBEL prides itself on keeping up to date with market requirements and finding optimal solutions to the most complicated demands. Implementing risk management strategies such as Spill Barriers and Flood Protection Barriers may not provide you with immediate economic gain.
However, compared with possible expensive environmental clean up operations, lost or damaged reputation, legal action and fees, damaged equipment though flooding, it will be an investment which protects your assets and the environment for years to come.

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