Blockage detection by ProGap S - Case Study


Courtesy of ENVEA


In the extraction or processing of natural stones those stones (basalt and lava) in different sizes are transported to a fi rst screening by a conveyor belt. In some cases the screen may occasionally become blocked. As soon as the screen is clogged, the stones jam in the feed chute. If this blockage reaches the previous belt, it might be damaged. The common consequences: costly and time-consuming production down-times.

Process data

Costumer: Mineral company
Material: Stones (basalt and lava)
Installation: Feeding chute behind conveyor belt
Function: Protection of conveyor belt


The ProGap S with fi lling-signal-suppresion is a universal and fl exible sensor for level detection, based on proven microwave technology. In this application the ProGap S is used to detect the dumming of the stones in the discharge chute after the conveyor belt. Upon reaching a critical level monitored by the ProGap S, the transportation is (initially) stopped. Because of the continuous working screen below, normally the blockage will be dissolved automatically. If the screen is unable to remove the blockage over a period of time, an alarm is issued to the factory personnel and the clogged screen can be manually cleaned.

Customer benefit

  • Protection of screen and conveyor belt against damage
  • Reduction of downtime, less production downtime due to blockages

Customer comments

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