BLOOM Wastewater Sensor - Case Study


Courtesy of MANTECH Inc.

Water is an integral input and vital strategic resource for the Ontario Food and Beverage Processing Sector. Water plays
a variety of diverse and convergent functions. It is used for heating and cooling, blending, washing and rinsing, convey- ing, cleaning and sanitation – as well as being a vital product ingredient.

However, the use of water inevitably leads to the generation of wastewater that must be managed in an economical and environmentally responsible way.

To proactively achieve this, food and beverage processing companies (hereinafter referred to as “processors”) will have to develop and maintain an understanding of wastewater within their operations – what it is, where and how it is generated, as well as its composition and volume.

With this information as a starting point for change, processors will then be positioned to address the underlying issues and root causes. Given that current and future wastewater related risks can add significant costs to a business, minimizing or eliminating these will be critical to the future economic success of the food and beverage sector.

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