Blue green algae in Harbour case study

Courtesy of LG Sonic

In May 2007 LG Sound proposed treatment for a harbour in the Netherlands, called Tholen. The harbour, which measured approximately 1 Km in length, suffered badly from blue-green algae growth. Blue-green algae produce toxins, which can be harmful form humans and animals and lead to major fish die offs. The toxin concentration and smell in the harbour from Tholen was so bad that recreational use was impossible. Furthermore, the smell was so bad that houses, surrounding the harbour could no longer open there windows. The solution where 13 LG Sonic devices, installed in the harbour itself, to kill the algae growing inside the harbour.


The toxin levels where measured after 1 month (in June) and after 2 months, in August. The toxin levels where compared with toxin levels of surrounding harbours such as Oesterdam and Ooltgensplaat. Already after 1 month, the difference in toxin levels could clearly be seen and had decreased to levels below hazardous concentrations.

The summer the units where installed, house owners surrounding the harbour had no complaints about the bad smell, another result of the successful LG Sonic treatment. Other positive effects where the clearer water and layers of floating scum was much less then the years before.

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