Blue-White’s FLEX-PRO A4 Peristaltic Pump Emulates the Success of the FLEX-PRO A3

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FLEX-PRO A4 Case Study Facts

Plant: Jones ferry WTP  -  Chapel Hill, NC
Plant Operator: DM
Objective:  Switch out the diaphragm pump to a peristaltic pump to create a smooth, consistent flow rate that is most acceptable for dosing.
Challenge:  Seeking a peristaltic pump that can run 24/7 at 84 GPH, pumping against a low psi (<15).
Current pump:  Prominent Diaphragm
Current problem with using a diaphragm pump:  Creates an inconsistent flow rate due to the inherent nature of the pulsating operation of the diaphragm.
Application/Chemical:  2% Potassium Permanganate feeding between 2 1/2 and 4 parts per million.
Reason for using Potassium Permanganate:  High levels of Oxide Iron and Magnesium in well water.  Injecting the Potassium Permanganate prevents yellowing of the water and staining.  However, too much of the chemical creates a pinkish tint to the water. 
Reason for using the PERFECT peristaltic pump:  The Jones WTP is attempting to achieve a Level 4 Standard in accordance with the national organization 'Partnership to Save Water'.  They are hoping to become one of seven plants in the country to achieve such a standard.  The standard is based partly on the level of turbidity of the water.  The yellow water is a natural occurrence from the wells in this part of the country.  Moreover, yellow water is reflected on the turbidity readings as dirty water. Eliminating the yellow water results in a cleaner reading, hence a Level 4 is achievable.  Maintaining the precise amount in the most consistent manner is critical for clear, clean water.
Tested:  Periflo, Masterflex, Blue-White FLEX-PRO A4
Results:  Both the Periflo and Masterflex pumps' tubes failed after 8 days.  However, the Blue-White Flex-Pro A4 has out- performed both Periflo and Masterflex.  The Blue-White FLEX-PRO A4 test began June 1st, 2010 and thus far has surpassed all expectations with over 1600 hours of tube life.   A final tube life conclusion in this application will be forthcoming in the months ahead.
Reason for Success per Plant Manager:  The Blue-White A4 contains four rollers (two for guiding and two for compressing) while the Periflo and the Masterflex have three.  This special roller assembly on the Flex-Pro A4 and the A3 creates less wear of the tube as inferred by the plant manager.  In addition, it should also be noted that the Flex-Pro Norprene tubes are manufactured in accordance to Blue-White’s specifications and therefore unique to Blue-White.

Additional FLEX-PRO A3 Installations at the Jones Ferry Rd WTP:

 Update on existing A3 fluoride injection pump usage:

Tube life (Norprene) is lasting 9448 hours, 24/7, pressure <15psi

 Update on existing A3 sodium hypo flash mixer consisting of ten A3 pumps:

Tube life (Norprene) is lasting 7000 - 7500 hours, 24/7, pressure <15psi


Update on existing A3 sodium hypo post mixer;

Tube life (Norprene) is lasting 1500 - 1700 hours, 24/7, pressure 80 PSI


Case Study by Gary Rose        




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