BlueKaizen RW - Software solution for door-to-door waste collection management

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Collection of household waste is governed by strict legislative rules of implementation and monitoring. There are several field constraints, such as time windows, traffic regulations, collection methods that ensure the safety of people… BlueKaizen RW takes all these parameters and many more into account, and reduces costs as well.

This software is a solution aimed at designing optimal circuits of collection of household waste. It provides a powerful set of tools to assess the resources involved and design the circuits for servicing a given geographical area. It can also be used for strategic assessments, by providing an evaluation of the consequences of different policies.

Using a comprehensive software combined with a powerful optimization engine, BlueKaizen RW is aimed at solving your routing challenge and generating a rapid return on investment. Our professional team will help you to smoothly integrate our solutions into your business.

At BlueKaizen, a team of algorithms’ specialists has been developing a generic framework for optimization for more than 10 years, applying ideas behind hybrid and meta-heuristic optimization methods. Another team of experts has been modeling specific business processes, such as waste collection, spending time with end-users and decision makers. The resulting combination is not only the software suite, but also expertise and know-how for supporting the necessary change management within your company, and for creating efficiency by suggesting best practices adapted to your context.

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