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Bluescope steel case study

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BlueScope Steel are a steel producing company with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Oceana and USA. In Australia they operate Port Kembla Steelworks, an integrated steelmaking operation with an annual production capacity of approximately 5.3 million tonnes of crude steel. It is the largest manufacturer and supplier of flat steel in Australia.

Port Kembla has a great deal of environmental data to manage with a corresponding need to report data. In an organisation of this size the task can be laborious, and potentially error prone. Prior to the implementation of MP-5 the reporting process was a matter of data retrieval, manipulation and cutting/pasting into Microsoft Word. More recently we have enhanced the ability of Port Kembla to rapidly produce environmental reports containing up to 165 pages of data presented as graphs and tables with rolling averages and comparison to targets.


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