BM Respirometry


Courtesy of SURCIS, S.L.

BM respirometery is a state of the art technology in where the traditional and most advanced respirometry techniques are gathered in one exclusive design developed by SURCIS Company.

BM Respirometry makes use of a single reaction vessel that in certain mode replicates the actions that occur at a treatment plant under the conditions we set for the test.

The BM system, under a powerful software, gives way to set of measurements and calculations for decisive parameters approached to manage, design and research the biological process of wastewater treatment.

At present SURCIS is manufacturing three new generation BM respirometers: BM‐EVO, BM‐T+ and BM‐Advance

1. Three different operation modes in one analyzer
While most of the respirometers in the market offers only one operation mode, the BM respirometers have got three different operation modes: OUR mode, cyclic OUR mode and dynamic R mode. Each of them can go for specific applications and most of the times they used to be combined in a wide fan of studies.

OUR (mg 02/l.h): Oxygen Uptake Rate.
SOUR (mg 02/g.h): Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate.
DO (mg O2/I): Dissolved Oxygen
pH - in BM-Advance -

OUR (mg02/l.h): Oxygen Uptake Rate.
SOUR (mg02/g.h): Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate.
DO (mg02/l): Dissolved Oxygen
PH: - only in BM-Advance -

Rs (mg02/l.h): Respiration Rate.
Rsp (mg 02/g.h): Specific Respiration Rate.
CO (mg 02/L): Consumed oxygen.
bCOD (mg 02/L): Biodegradable COD.
rbCOD (mg02/L): Readily bCOD fraction.
PH: - only in BM-Advance -
U (mgCOD/l.h): COD utilization rate.
q (mg COD/mgVSS.d): Specific U.

2. Capacity to set the test conditions and modify them throughout the test
The current respirometers in the market a setting the test and cannot modify anything until the test is finished.

The BM respirometers have got the capacity to be open systems where we can set the tests conditions and modify them throughout the test performance.

In the configuration screen we set the Temperature, pH (only in BM‐Advance model), Dissolved Oxygen range (in Cyclic OUT mode), air flow %, and others.

Those conditions can be modified during the test performance and thus study the biological activity evolution in response to the changes in one o more than one condition. That means: with the only one reactor vessel of the BM respirometer, we can carry out studies about the influence of the different conditions and inhibition possibilities within the same test performance.

This faculty permits highly effective results and time saving.

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