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Boat destroyed by fire in Roche Harbor - Case Study


Courtesy of Global Diving & Salvage, Inc.

In the morning hours of July 10, 2013, while moored at a dock in Roche Harbor Marina in the San Juan Islands, a newly built 85’ motor yacht caught fire and burned. Firefighting efforts ensued however the vessel sank at her mooring. Responders deployed oil containment boom around the scene which has been very effective in containing debris and fuel from the vessel.

Global Diving & Salvage, Inc., under contract to the yacht’s owner, mobilized personnel and resources from its Seattle headquarters and Anacortes operations to respond to the incident, conducted an underwater survey of the vessel and mitigated the environmental threat posed by the vessel. Global’s Marine Casualty Response group developed a salvage plan which was approved by the State and Federal agencies overseeing the incident.

Global contracted Manson Construction to provide crane lifting services utilizing specialized salvage rigging equipment designed and maintained by Global. A wide range of emergency response equipment is maintained by Global on 24 hour standby in the Seattle warehouse and other regional bases.Under direction of Global’s Salvage Master diver’s rigged the hull of the yacht,which was raised from the seafloor and returned to a floating condition. Crews removed the remaining fuel and HAZMAT, it is inspected and deemed safe. The vessel was towed to a boatyard where it was removed from the water.

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