Boeing - Aluminum deburring workstations case study


Courtesy of Diversitech

The Problem
Boeing, an American manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft, called on DiversiTech to help set up an aluminum deburring area at their Wichita, KS facility. When we visited the facility, operators were deburring on tables with no ventilation and were forced to wear uncomfortable face masks to prevent dust inhalation.
The Solution
DiversiTech installed four 2'x4' downdraft tables with extended front overhangs (EO) so that operators could be comfortably seated at the table. Two 3'x6' and 3'x8' tables were also installed. All tables were equipped with explosion proof motors as specified by the clients Health & Saftey Specialists. Plexiglass side walls were also added to achieve optimum performance while still allowing good visibility on the table worksurface.

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