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Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia - Case Study


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“Combining Sepacore with Syncore Polyvap means you can work faster and better. The active substances produced are purer. This is the key to fast, cost-efficient, high-quality analysis.'

Company / Institution

Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia

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Customer: Bogor Agriculture University, Indonesia

Bogor Agriculture University is one of the larger government universities in Indonesia, established 1st September 1963. Bogor Agriculture University has a lot of faculties, such as Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Fisheries and Marine Science, Animal Science, Forestry, Agricultural Technology, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Economic and Management, Human Ecology.

Application: Agriculture analysis

Research on active substances contained in plants / medicinal plants requires several stages of processing. Before the active substance can be examined quantitatively, other substances contained in plants / medicinal plants must undergo phase separation.

Equipment: Sepacore® and Syncore® Polyvap

Sepacore used to separate the active substances contained in plants / medicinal plants, in order to obtain an active substance that is separate from other substances. After the active substance is obtained, the active ingredient dissolved in the solvent is evaporated using Syncore Polyvap. The solvent is evaporated to obtain concentrates of active substances. The concentrate can then proceed to the next stage, such as HPLC, or GC.

Benefit / Conclusion:

After implementing Sepacore and Syncore Polyvap, the process becomes faster and the resulting substance better, so work in the next phase is faster.

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