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Boiler feed water - power generation facility application - Case Study


Courtesy of Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.


A large power generation client required a treatment solution to meet the parameters required for their boiler feed operations. The inlet feed water contained several contaminants including hardness minerals such as calcium/magnesium, dissolved salts, trace hydrocarbon and certain heavy metals including ferric iron.


Genesis Water Technologies provided consulting, design and engineering services as well as building and supplying the specified system solution.

The system solution included pre-filtration using both sediment filtration, scale prevention, and carbon followed by our GWT series reverse osmosis system to remove the dissolved salts. The water did not require further demineralization.


The system solution was installed by a local project management/contracting firm with technical assistance provided by Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

The system has operated successfully within the water quality parameters set by the client with low operating/maintenance costs providing consistently high quality water production for their boiler feed application.

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