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Boiler mass spec diagnostic testing case study


Courtesy of CK Environmental, Inc.

CK Environmental was retained by Ze-Gen, to conduct a diagnostic emissions test program on their pilot plant in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Ze-gen is a leading developer and integrator of waste gasification technology which converts construction and demolition waste (C&D) and municipal solid waste (MSW) into near zero-emissions syngas and electrical energy.

The products of the gasification process are a syngas, primarily carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which in a full-scale Ze-gen gasification plant will be used as fuel to generate electricity.

The purpose of the test program is to monitor emissions from this process through a Mass Spectrometer as well as a variety of analyzers which provide real time data for a various pollutants. CK Environmental has been able to provide daily summaries of the pollutants found during test periods.

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