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Bolderwood Campus Southampton (2) – Case Study


Courtesy of Envirochem Analytical Laboratories LTD

Project Highlights

Envirochem carried out broad spectrum radiological and chemical sampling within confined spaces to ascertain the extent of residual contamination within outlet drain sediments, constructional surfaces and nearby soils. Envirochem were able to draw together many different methods of access, sampling and analytical testing into one project. 

Project Description

The redirection of the main chemical outlet drain from the biomedical sciences building posed a potential radiological and chemical health and safety risk for demolition contractors. Radiological testing (alpha, beta, C4 and Tritium), and Chemical sampling (heavy metals, mercury, PAH’s, etc) were carried out by Envirochem and practical advice given on the findings.

Project Scope

Sampling of the chemical outlet drain required confined space and emergency access training. Access to the sample areas was achieved using a tripod and lanyard system, with the sampling operative safely attached to a harness. Airborne contamination and environmental conditions were monitored both prior to and during the sampling process.

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