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Bon Secours memorial regional medical center


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In 1997, a Zentox ozone cooling water treatment system was specified for water treatment of the hospital’s four 400-ton towers. The medical center, a state-of-theart facility, serves a wide range of patient needs at the Hanover Medical Park in Richmond, Virginia

User comment from Phil Vierela, Administrative Director of Facilities:
“I’ve had plenty of experience with other kinds of treatment and ozone is far and away the best method I’ve seen. It makes sense financially and environmentally. Plus, the entire system is pretty much automatic so it eliminates a lot of hassles and safety issues associated with chemical treatments.”

Microbiological Control:
No known bacteria or virus is immune to ozone – including the organism that causes Legionnaires’ disease, a fact of which Mr. Vierela was very much aware. Also, ozone is an excellent way to prevent air-borne contaminants from entering the ventilation system. These were important factors in his decision to use ozone.

Water Conservation:
The Clean Streams™ process is saving Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center more than 2,000,000 gallons of water a year. These savings result from the ability to increase the cycles of concentration of the cooling towers thus reducing blowdown and makeup water consumption.

Service of the Cooling Water Treatment System:
A full service contract with the Zentox Corporation has been in effect since the start up date. This contract includes monthly preventive maintenance, condenser water analysis, and any parts or equipment upgrades necessary to maintain optimum system operation.

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