Book Review: The Yearbook of European Environmental Law, Volume 3

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Reviewed by Paul Street

This volume of the Yearbook of European Environmental Law is separated into sections consisting of articles (pp. 1–354); a survey of current substantive EC environmental law organised by subject (pp. 355–552); a consideration of recent developments in environmental law in individual member states (pp. 553–762); book reviews (pp. 763–822) and finally, summaries of a range of EC papers by Ludwig Krämer. The contributors to this volume emanate from across Europe and, as one might expect from the individuals involved, the sections on substantive environmental law within both the EC and individual Member States are undertaken with detailed professionalism.  As such they provide a valuable resource for anyone interested in developments in both European environmental law and environmental law in Europe, all be it that the time taken from writing the original pieces, to their publication and then to this review renders that interest less than current.

Given this lapse of time, the articles contained within the first 350 pages of the yearbook perhaps present the more interesting material in the collection. For, while a quick glimpse at the titles suggests a somewhat unrelated compilation, on reading one is struck by the connections at the heart of these pieces. In particular the challenges that scientific uncertainty poses for environmental regulators who are on the one hand seeking to apply precautionary principals to environmental risk assessment and management and on the other are seeking wider participation in environmental decision making.


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