BOS-100 Pilot Study at Former Mitchell`s Formal Wear, Charlotte, NC


In this pilot study, BOS 100® was used at a former uniform and formal-wear rental service site that engaged in dry cleaning activities from 1979 to 2002.  When soil and groundwater contamination was discovered in 1998, AST spills used for virgin PCE were associated with the contamination. A pilot study using BOS 100® reduced PCE contamination by over 99% immediately following injection with no daughter products.  A full BOS 100® implementation is now planned.  The study concludes that BOS 100® is non-toxic, easy to use, ideal for use near sensitive receptors, and requires no special safety controls or equipment to install.  Featuring quick closure and effective treatment, In this pilot study, BOS 100® will save the costs of lengthy monitoring at the site. 

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