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Bournemouth Airport – Case Study


Courtesy of Envirochem Analytical Laboratories LTD

Project Highlights

Envirochem are responsible for organising all consultant and analytical works relating to the removal of all asbestos containing materials from a busy working airport. Our work and advice ensured that the airport maintained its high standards and the airports customers and staff are able to operate in a safe and controlled environment.

Project Description

Working as Bournemouth Airports asbestos experts, Envirochem were charged with identifying all asbestos containing materials within the entire airport. All asbestos products then had to be managed.

Project Scope

Envirochem carried out a Type 2 and management asbestos survey within the Air traffic control tower, Fire station, Custom and Excise Bonded storerooms, Arrivals/Departures and all airside areas. The survey highlighted numerous areas with significant asbestos contamination, including areas of original un-encapsulated sprayed asbestos. Some of the asbestos containing materials needed to be removed prior to much needed major upgrade works.

Envirochem were responsible for supervising several teams of asbestos removal contractors during the removal process.

All analytical works, including air testing & clearance.

Certification, visual inspections, progress meetings and on-going consultancy between the client and asbestos teams, were handled by a dedicated team of Envirochem project managers and consultant analysts.

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