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Bow-ties provide a simple, graphical representation of the relationship between the causes and consequences of business
upsets, the control measures in place and the tasks, procedures, responsible individuals and competencies which support and enforce the controls. The diagram demonstrates how the management system provides ongoing control of the risks.
BowTieXP* is an advanced software tool, providing structure to the risk assessment and the ability to record, sort and present data, including professional standard bow-tie diagrams. We provide a range of formal bow-tie training courses and other learning opportunities for risk management practitioners and BowTieXP users.


Having participated in a BowTieXP training course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the principal components of the bow-tie diagram
  • Use the bow-tie method and build effective bow-tie
  • Recognise the relationship between bow-tie analysis andthe management system
  • Link control measures, critical tasks and responsible people
  • Appreciate the expected quality of data required
  • Generate reports to demonstrate risk identification and control
  • Produce checklists for auditing controls and their associated critical tasks

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