Boynton beach uses ESS software to boost staff productivity and save more than US$30,000


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The City of Boynton Beach lies on the east coast of Florida, half way between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. The seaside city's rapidly growing population, now 63,000, is served by a municipal government staff of 800, which is also rapidly growing as the citizens demand more public services. New career opportunities were being created in city government but employees either couldn't move up because they lacked training for a new or different position, or when they did move up, they found themselves unprepared.

Patricia Spoerri, director of Organizational and Strategic Development for the city, is responsible for training both new employees and those already on staff who want to qualify for promotions.

'When I first arrived,' she said, 'there was the old civil servant mentality: think about nothing but doing your own job.' But as the city grew, training became very important. The municipality had traditionally hired at the lowest grade and employees got stuck in positions that did not offer new challenges or opportunities for advancement. Spoerri changed all of that. She set out to develop employee training programs and implement them using contract labor. She also decided to automate training information management.

Her primary information management tool is Compliance Suite™ Training Management Software by ESS. Training Management Software organizes every aspect of employee training, including scheduling, conflict checking and printing certificates.

'Employees need to take advantage of the education they can get through the city,' says Spoerri. 'Take advantage of all the training the city can give you and move up.' With Training Management Software, Spoerri can track and record both traditional and non-traditional classes. Individuals can be scheduled to attend seminars, complete Web-based training courses, receive certifications, take independent study courses and more.

Spoerri counts on the ESS system to track all the classes Boynton Beach offers – more than a hundred each year. She produces reports that track overall costs for classes to match them back to her budget, and she can use the system for performance evaluation purposes to track individual employee records.

Spoerri, a five-year user of Training Management Software, has high praise for the module. 'I think this program is truly cost effective,' she says. 'It's excellent for a small business, a consultant or a mid-sized business.'

She used the software to develop an equation for calculating its own ROI and found that the system has already helped save the city between US$30,000 and US$50,000 annually in data entry alone.

'Without the ESS software, I worked 24/7 in Microsoft® Excel trying to keep on top of the training records,' she said, 'and it wasn't possible.'

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