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BP Petrojarl Foinhaven - produced water treatment


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Client: BP/PGS Petrojarl Foinaven - UK

CETCO were approached by BP/PGS regarding potential fluids handling problems on the Petrojarl Foinaven FPSO when bringing on two new wells during September 2001.

CETCO mobilised a RFV 4000 DF Adsorption Skid containing CETCO’s patented CrudeSorb® media to treat the oily water phase of the well returns for discharge directly overboard.

During a two week period CETCO treated and discharged overboard 12,000m3 of produced water <40 ppm oil in water. During this period Petrojarl Foinaven’s highest ever production rate (132,000 bbls/d) was achieved. Partly due to CETCO’s ability to handle the higher volumes of water produced from these two new wells.

Since this first application onboard Foinaven, CETCO has completed various produced water projects with BP/PGS on the FPSO. The most recent being in March 06 when a RFV 4000DF skid was mobilised to treat a sidestream of 8,000 bbls/d during commissioning of the FPSO’s new PWRI system. CETCO’s equipment ensured that oil content of all fluid discharged was <30 ppm. Training provided by CETCO enabled Foinaven personnel to run the RFV 4000DF independently with only occasional support from CETCO’s offshore staff.

  • Treated 73,500 bbls to discharge at <40 ppm
  • Contributed to installations record daily production level
  • Eliminated potential damage to existing production facilities due to erosion from solids

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