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With help from SpillAway, TBS Bio-Services won the contract for the cleaning and degreasing of all BP Connect petrol forecourts (in excess of 400) throughout England. As part of the contract, FleetKleen Bioremedial Cleaner/Degreaser is used at all sites as it not only offers unparalleled cleaning, but is 100% safe to use and helps bioremediate and reduce waste in underground interceptor sewers, helping reduce hazardous waste charges.

FleetKleen is applied directly to the petrol forecourt through sprayers at a dilution of 20:1 (water to FleetKleen) and is then allowed to sit for 15 minutes so that it can 'chase' oil and diesel into porous surfaces. The area is then washed down using a pressure washer, leaving a completely cleansed and residue free surface. The products can be used on all surfaces, including block paving, concrete and asphalt. The success of FleetKleen has led to BP Retail equipping all Connect sites with the product for stain removal and the cleaning of sands used for spill absorption on forecourts, allowing for re-use of sand and further cutting hazardous waste costs.

Notable Features

  • FleetKleen is not confined by, or classed under, COSHH Regulations
  • No health or safety risks to staff
  • Bioremediation is an ecologically safe and natural process
  • FleetKleen is pH neutral, non toxic and completely safe to handle
  • Cost effective, requiring little or no investment in capital equipment or specialist handling
  • Air Quality and Air Pollution maintained as noxious and combustible vapours are eliminated
  • The environment is virtually restored to its original condition
  • FleetKleen is ready for immediate use with a high dilution rate
  • No residues other than water and CO2

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