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BP Schiehallion FPSO case study


Courtesy of Micropack Detection

The Schiehallion Vessel is a Purpose Built FPSO (Floating Production, Storage and Offloading system).
The Schiehallion FPSO was specially designed to withstand the harsh climates of areas like the Atlantic Margin. Extreme conditions have been encountered over the past few years of operating experience, which have contributed to improving the knowledge and procedures for operating safely.

MICROPACK supplied the Schiehallion FPSO with a system of FDS101 Visual Flame Detectors, our 1st generation unit. The technology proved so successful that bp upgraded to the latest FDS301 units with live colour video output, onboard SD card and market leading flame detection technology.

The MICROPACK FDS product range are particularily suited to FPSO's as they are unaffected by the typical false alarm stimuli, produced on this type of facility. For example the process relief flare is within close proximity of the top deck process areas where radiation from the flare is reflected. This would cause a false alarm within conventional radiation based flame detection however, as the FDS range of detectors, detect the flame visually, it therefore does not have any effect and is ignored.

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