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Winter offers a variety of challenges for drivers including slippery roads, cold temperatures, snow accumulations and icy windshields. Luckily, Toyota makes some great vehicles that excel in winter's harsh conditions including the Tundra, 4Runner, FJ Cruiser, Highlander and Rav4 models.

Toyota Tundra brake caliper for Prado
The Tundra is a great choice for winter because of Toyota's safety innovations that make up part of this full sized pickup truck. All Toyota Tundras come equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Active Traction Control (A-TRAC). These two controls work together to help ensure that the truck is easy to control even in worst road conditions that winter can throw at it. They help to control spinning wheels and apply brakes at the right time and at the right force to help controls steering to keep the vehicle and its occupants on the road.

Toyota 4Runner
The 4Runner also makes a great choice for winter driving with its capabilities for off-road driving allowing drivers to maintain full control even on icy patches. This model of Toyota has a 3-Model Switch that comes standard on most 4Runner models to allow the driver to choose between 3 different levels of 4 wheel drive - 4WD High-Free which splits the engine power between front and rear axles, 4WD High-Locked which splits power equally between the axles and 4WD-Low for maneuvers at slow speeds.

Toyota FJ Cruiser
The FJ Cruiser has similar off road capabilities as the 4Runner and 9.6” of ground clearance which is important when snow drifts into roadways. The FJ Cruiser also comes standard with Anti-Lock Brakes which can be extremely useful in extreme winter driving conditions. When the vehicle senses the wheels locking up because they can’t grip icy roads, it alternates between increasing and decreasing the brake pressure to bring the vehicle back under control. This can help the car to avoid a skid which can keep it from veering into a ditch or another vehicle.

Toyota Highlander
Toyota's Highlander is a crossover sport utility vehicle that is fully equipped to handle winter weather and the road conditions that it brings. This vehicle has large ventilated disc brakes and a twin piston caliper to aid brake performance in the front. Solid brake discs and a single piston caliper are found on the rear brakes to help provide durable and strong performing brakes on all four wheels. It comes complete with brake assist, electronic brake force distribution, traction control, anti-lock brake system, and vehicle stability control which all help to ensure that the Highlander can stop when needed regardless of the winter road conditions.

Toyota Rav4
The Rav4 offers all of the innovations of Toyota’s Star Safety System including ABS, brake assist, power assisted electronic brake force distribution, vehicle stability control and traction control. This vehicle can be purchased with optional 4 wheel drive to make it even easier to drive in extreme winter conditions or off-road. On top of these safety features, the Rav4 also has a very convenient smart key system that can help save drivers the time of digging through their belongings for their car keys. Instead of standing outside in the cold for an extra couple of minutes, the car receives a signal when the key is near so that it automatically opens when the driver touches the handle.

Any of these five different models of Toyota vehicles make for a great choice for the cold winter months that lay ahead. The safety innovations make it easy for drivers to stay safe while convenient features allow them to stay warm as well.

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