Bramidan helps Deloitte overcome reductions in facility management


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A drastic reduction in facility management meant that Deloitte needed a solution to handle their cardboard waste more efficiently. The answer was the Bramidan X10 cardboard baler.

New house, new needs
In October 2016, the Esbjerg, Denmark, branch of the international auditing firm, Deloitte, and its 120 employees moved into a new 4.100 m2 port side domicile.

The move also meant a restructuring of the branch’s facility management as they joined a national facility management agreement with other Danish Deloitte branches. The agreement reduced the facility janitor from daily visits to once or twice a week.

'Our new house and the restructuring of our facility management presented us with new needs. With fewer hands to help with practicalities throughout the week we had to find an easy and efficient way to handle our waste to keep it from piling up,' Karina Langmack, Manager at Deloitte, explains.

Cut up boxes to keep containers from spilling
Canteen employee unpacking produce Previously, Deloitte had two 1100 litre containers, which were emptied once a week. To keep the two containers from spilling over, they had to cut up the cardboard boxes with box cutters before throwing them out.

'We have our own in-house canteen that gets fresh deliveries every day and subsequently produce a lot
of cardboard waste. The way we handled cardboard waste before was both troublesome and
time consuming.'

Perfect fit
Deloitte needed a solution that could handle all of their cardboard waste but was easy to operate. At the same time, they were challenged on space as the solution ideally should fit in the basement where they have their stock delivery. The answer was the Bramidan X10 cardboard baler.

The X10 measures just 1900 mm in height and was the perfect fit: “It is very easy to operate, which means that everybody in the building can use it. The fact that it fits next to our stock delivery – our largest waste source – saves us a lot of time handling daily deliveries,” Karina Langmack says.

Waste pick-up reduced to a fifth
Cardboard bale on a pallet and pallet lifter in basement stock room Following the installation of the X10 cardboard baler, Deloitte has cut their waste pick-up from once a week to once every five or six weeks.

When they previously filled two 1100 litre containers to the brim in one week, they now produce just one cardboard bale every 10 days.

The easy handling of cardboard waste also means that the janitor can spend his reduced time as efficiently as possible because he does not have to handle cardboard waste.

For Deloitte, the decision to install the Bramidan X10 was very easy because it means significant economic savings in terms of waste pick-up, which has been cut to a fifth, and a more efficient use of staff’s time and efforts.

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