Bramidan supplies new X25 ADs to Total service stations - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Argedis, a subsidiary of the Group Total, is committed to a policy of excellence which aims to provide quality products and services to their customers, in an increasingly environment friendly scope.

“There are many challenges”, confirms site manager of Aire de Bures. “The station is open 24 hours a day, 360 days a year and we must continuously provide quality services in safe and clean surroundings”. Stock management is also a key issue as the gas station’s activity highly relies on peak hours and seasonal holiday departures. The volume of waste is therefore important on the very busy motorway that links Normandy to Paris.

Costly waste collection
Not so long ago a skip container was used to collect cardboard waste. The cost for removal was extremely high – up to 200€ per collection. This equipment also occupied a large space which harmed the organization flow on the very limited business area. Eventually, staff and customers were facing safety and hygiene problems which was in opposition to the qualitative and environmental approach expected by Argedis.

Collections divided by 6:1
Today, as on other sites, similar to Aire de Bures, the skip container has been replaced by a Bramidan full automatic door baler that has helped to cut down the number of collections from six to one. Each site has a waste deposit with a storage capacity of 8 bales equivalent to 2 tons of recyclable cardboard. This significant volume now makes it possible for Argedis to negotiate the best price for its waste fragments.

Finally, the X25 AD baler which requires a very limited space on the ground is now installed in the warehouse, next to the store, reducing at the most the internal logistics. Equipped with a personalized security code, only authorized personnel are now able to use the press. Another safe solution from Bramidan.

About Argedis
Argedis is a 100% subsidiary of the french oil giant Total and is a leading company for fuel and catering services on motorways. Argedis supplies operational management to more than 157 service stations in France. The company employs 2800 employees and realizes a turnover of 257 M €.

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