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Brick Manufacturer Wastewater Case Study

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Manufacturing Wastewater Treatment Case Studies

Brick Processing Manufacturer Wastewater Treatability


The Morin Brick Company sent a wastewater sample containing clay and sodium silicate contaminants looking for a solution to removing these contaminants from their wastewater. They manufacture bricks for facilities in the Northeastern United States and Canada.

A 1,000ml beaker filled with the water sample was used to conduct the treatability; the starting pH was recorded at 11.0. Floccin™ 1113 was the recommended application for testing, where 6 grams was added to the 1,000ml beaker containing the wastewater. Flocculation occurred after eight minutes of agitation to the treated sample and the pH dropped to 4.0. Approximately 1.0ml of 20% caustic was supplemented to increase the pH to 7.0, where flocculation continued to hold.

Brick Manufacturer Wastewater Treatment Sample Testing for Effectiveness of Flocculating Agents Floccin™

Our conclusion was 40lbs of Floccin™ 1113 would be the required dosage for every 1,000 gallons of wastewater generated.

The recommended wastewater pretreatment system would require an equalization tank with pH adjustment and the wastewater is discharged to a CFU-50 for dewatering. The Continuous Flow Unit comes equipped with a Floccin™ Feeder to dispense Floccin™ 1113 into the treatment tank where disposable filtering media is used for liquid/solid separation and the effluent water is pumped to a sewer or water reuse system.

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