Bridge-plate noisy river bridge replacement, County of Dufferin, ON


Courtesy of Armtec

Owner: County of Dufferin, Ontario
Contractors: Nelson Arnold Construction
Consultants: R.J. Burnside and Associates
Location: Dufferin County Road 124 at Noisy River

Through the creative application of existing products and construction techniques, Armtec provided a practical, cost-effective solution for replacing a distressed bridge on a heavily travelled highway. The Bridge-Plate soil-steel structure was constructed over a four-month period despite limited on-site space, severe environmental limitations relating to the river, and the need to keep the road open at all times.


In the 1950s, the Ontario Department of Highways reconstructed the conventional concrete bridge at Highway 24 and the Noisy River with a 6.2m wide x 3m high x 36m long, open bottom cast-in-place concrete culvert on concrete footings. By the time the County of Dufferin assumed responsibility of this heavily travelled portion of the highway in 1998 (renaming it Dufferin County Road 124), the culvert was distressed and required rehabilitation.

In 2000, the south footing failed because of a lack of bearing capacity below the footing, creating a public safety hazard. The structure was designated for immediate replacement, and a series of braces were temporarily installed inside the culvert to prevent a catastrophe.

The County of Dufferin retained R.J. Burnside and Associates as the consulting engineers for this project. A soil-steel structure was selected for the replacement bridge, based on cost and construction staging compared to alternative solutions.

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